Prague, also known as “The Magical City”, “The Golden City”, “The City of a Hundred Towers”, “The Paris of East”,  is one of the world’s most favorite holiday destinations. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, Prague was founded more than 1,100 years ago. Its astonishing history can be credited to the centuries of cultural changes and development, the survival of many natural disasters, and a very fortunate minimal destruction during both World Wars. Today, Prague has become a multi-cultural city offering a wealth of architectural, artistic and cultural treasures. It is a melting-pot of ethnic groups, religions and communities. It is estimated that more than 4 million tourists visit Prague each year!

About Prague at First Sight

The idea of developing Prague at First Sight website came from years of feedback, questions and concerns about traveling to Prague. Even though there is a lot of information about Prague available on the Internet, there is really not one centralized location where you would learn HOW to best prepare for a trip to this breathtaking Eastern European destination.

What you can expect from Prague At First Sight

  1. There are certain cultural differences and need-to-knows that any tourist visiting Prague should be familiar with prior, during and post their trip to Prague. We will provide you with that information.
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Our Experience

Our expertise and passion for traveling is based on 13 years of experience in the travel/airline industry. Lenka Brady, the founder of Prague At First Sight was born in the Czech Republic and lived there for 20 years. Lenka has been living in the United States for 16 years now where she has been exposed to different cultures, nationalities and religions. Her Czech upbringing, passion for traveling, love for Prague, and cultural awareness makes her a subject matter expert in understanding the needs and expectations of the traveling public.

Prague at First Sight’s Mission

Our mission is to offer trusted advice, credible information and valuable recommendations about traveling to Prague.

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