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Sponsored post: Prague Serviced Apartments

Millions of business travellers visit Prague, the thriving business capital of Europe, across the year and a steadily growing fraction of them are wise enough to opt for serviced apartments over hotels. HowDoIGo services these discerning travellers with a select collection of serviced apartments across Prague close to CBDs such as Canary Wharf, Prague City and Croydon.

Ranging from studio and one-bedroom apartments to two-bedroom apartments and penthouses, our Prague serviced apartments present an excellent alternative to cramped hotel rooms with thin walls and impersonal services – at the fraction of the hotel cost. At House of HowDoIGo, we offer:

  • High-quality serviced apartments in several locations across Prague including Canary Wharf and Central Prague
  • Access to a wide network of serviced apartments globally
  • Flexible accommodation options that fit most budgets with weekly, monthly, yearly contracts for Prague serviced apartments
  • Complete online booking solutions for all our serviced apartments
  • Consolidated corporate billing account for all stays

Worldwide Locations : Serviced Apartments

Excellent services and a satisfied clientele have been major ‘stepping stones’ for HowDoIGo’s ascent from a Prague serviced apartment provider to Europe’s favourite serviced apartment provider.

Our mission to provide high-quality accommodations at affordable costs for discerning travellers visiting Prague soon became a passion and we set our targets to provide the same HowDoIGo services across Europe. Our endeavours resulted in expansion of HowDoIGo services to flourishing business hubs such as Reading and Croydon in the United Kingdom and Paris.

Across the seas, HowDoIGo services discerning travellers with serviced apartments in New York, Singapore and New Delhi.

All our serviced apartments are strategically located in well-established neighbourhoods close to major business districts, shops and restaurants. Great public transport links enable exploration of the city at will making these serviced apartments perfect accommodation options for leisure travellers as well.

Airport Wheelchair Convenience

For those with mobility issues, the need for an airport wheelchair is even more pressing. There is no arguing the fact that many of the millions of people passing through airports on a daily basis need some assistance with their mobility. Who, facing a walk through three different terminals at O’Hare, hasn’t wished that all the floors were made up of those mobile strips or that they had someone to push them?

The problem is that with the current standard wheelchair model, this growing need is growing harder to meet. Being obese, arthritic, or spraining an ankle the day before a long-booked trip, doesn’t stop people from needing to travel quickly from one part of the country or the world to another.

Having chairs that wear out rapidly under the kind of use transport chairs receive, or are stolen because they are designed to be conveniently transported by car and/or their occupant, doesn’t eliminate the need of airports to have sufficient airport wheelchairs or the obligation of getting people to the gate on time.

It has only recently been noticed that, while wheelchairs are a boon to those whom need them, more than one type of chair needs to exist. This is not to ignore all the various advances and customizations that have been made to improve the quality of life of those who need them.

But everyone of those chairs, from racing vehicles to ones that can be steered with the breath or that allow the operator to talk by choosing letters through the movement of her eyebrows, are all a single type of chair. They are wheelchairs designed for personal use.