My family and I spent the weekend in Silherovice. We went for a walk around the chateau park one afternoon. The weather was lovely with the temperature around 21 degrees Celsius. We walked by a fully restored and renovated Rothschild’s Hunting Lodge dating back to the 18th century.

The Lodge has been converted into a restaurant. The mood was great and so we decided to splurge a little and made a reservation for all 12 of us for the following night. Why not, we all thought. Why not get a feel for what it used to be like dining with the royalty? The dining room was a smaller room with about 7 tables. One of the tables, which ended up being our table, was round and big enough for 14 people. I’ve never seen or sat at table of this size before! There was a fire place and a big mirror in the middle of the room. When I walked in I truly felt like I was walking into the 19th century. I could feel the history around me!

The restaurant staff was nice, polite and attentive. Drinks were served immediately, hors d’oeuvres, compliments of the chef came soon after. Our food was cooked to order and it took about 30 minutes for it to be served -perfect time to enjoy our appetizers and great conversation with everyone around the table. The food was served on big white plates creating a perfect contrast with the cherry wood walls and dark brown furniture. I ordered a smoked salmon with julienne and grilled vegetables, my partner ordered a dear dish similar to goulash with roasted potatoes. The presentation looked fabulous! My salmon was cooked to perfection, nice and juicy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. My grilled vegetables had a little too much salt for my taste, but I was the only one who had that feeling. The julienne vegetables were glazed and had chutney like consistence. I loved them! My partner’s deer dish was served in a cream sauce with a light touch of spice. The meat was tender and would fall apart when he cut into it. A few of us ordered a typical Czech specialty – beef tartar. I can honestly say that I have never seen a better and fresher looking beef tartar before! The meat was as red as the cherry walls. Even though I don’t eat raw meat, I could tell my family enjoyed it very much. My sister opted for the sweet dumpling pockets filled with farmer cheese and garnished with melted butter and powder sugar. I think even Emeril would give this dinner a Thumbs up! It was a great dinner in a beautifully decorated, historical restaurant with a lovely staff and certainly a great chef. As far as the price goes, we paid what we expected to pay. Dinner for two (excluding alcohol) was 640 CZE.

 Our dinner at the Hunting Lodge

Beef tartar

Deer with roasted potatoes

Salmon with roasted and julienne vegetables

Dining room at the Lodge. The big round table fits 14 people, working fire place and the mirror is in the middle of the room.

We signed up our kids (my niece and nephew) to take a few golf lessons at the Park Golf Club school for children. Their lesson was scheduled for the following day. As a proud auntie, I was curious to see how they teach and motive 4-year olds to play golf. The golf Instructor was a lovely young woman called Sylva. She had 6 children in her group. When we showed up at the driving range, she had already been waiting with all the bells and whistles. I was very impressed by her approach to the children. She was encouraging, patient, sweet, called every child by their first name, and she seemed to have a perfect balance of rewarding and correcting all the activities the children were performing. My nephew was a bit hesitant and shy when we brought him in, but Sylva’s nurturing personality and welcoming smile made him feel comfortable enough to join the group and participate. After almost an hour of stretching, putting and hitting the ball, the lesson was over. One last time, the kids were rewarded. This time with candy. Excited, they ran to us and couldn’t stop sharing their experience with us. It was so cute!

Golf lessons with Sylva

Learning to hold the club

My nephew Jakub with his golf instructor

Park Golf Club SilheroviceClick on the link and watch a video of the little munchkins playing golf with their golf instructor.


I was so impressed by the club and the chateau park I did a little bit of digging about the history of the town and the estates. The Rothschild’s Chateau, standing in the middle of the English style chateau park, was built around 1815. The park was finished five years later and since its conception many rare trees from around the world have been brought in and planted there making the park unique and almost exotic looking.

The Rothschild’s Estates survived not only centuries of changes, but the communist era as well. Several very expensive restoration projects had to be completed in the recent years to bring this national treasure back to its original historical look. Today, the town of Silherovice belongs to one of the most charming and sought after historical cities in the Czech Republic.

Another view of the golf course with the Rothschild’s Chateau in the background.


The golf course was built around 1970. It is 5,742 meters long with a par of 72. It is located in the actual chateau park and offers breathtaking views of the park, the Rothschild’s Chateau and the Hunting Lodge. The course is maintained at its top quality as it has become one of the prime locations for local and foreign pro-golfers. In addition, several tournaments and championships are hosted here each year bringing a much needed pubic and world awareness to this gorgeous, sometimes forgotten, area of Northern Moravia.

The golf course is known for its difficult, somewhat hilly and curvy terrain. The park trees beautifully line up the course as well as grow in the middle of the course, in the path of the green. Common advice from those who have already played here is to get to know the course before you play to achieve best results. But I guess this advice is applicable to playing at any new course.

Map of the golf course – Park Golf Club

Even though you will end up playing a challenging round of golf, the reward after is more than worth the sweat. The Clubhouse is located in the former Greenhouse/Orangery overlooking a pond and the golf course. Absolutely gorgeous! You can eat there or you can walk/drive a few minutes to the other side of the park and enjoy a lovely meal in the Hunting Lodge .

Club House is located in the historical orangery and overlooking the course.

Since it is unrealistic driving all the way from Prague, playing a round of golf and driving back to Prague, I highly recommend Hotel Golf Silherovice  as your overnight option turning your day of golf into a weekend long excursion. The hotel is not a typical 5 star hotel you may be used from Prague. It’s cozy, charming and certainly most convenient as it is located right on the 18th hole. The hotel has about 20 rooms, one apartment and a swimming pool. The hotel staff is quite savvy when it comes to offering entertainment for your family members or an evening out on the town.

Hotel Golf Silherovice located right on the golf course.



Interesting facts about the Czech Golf, the town of Silherovice and the Rothschild family.

1. On November 23, 2006, the Czech Republic was declared ‘Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year’ at the 7th IAGTO Awards held during the International Golf Travel Market in Marbella, Spain.

2. The history of the Chateau dates back to the late 18th century. At that time the Eichendorff family built the Chateau Šilheřovice in the place of a former Renaissance fortress. Originally, it was a classical palace, which was later renovated into its pseudo-baroque style. The Rothschild’s owned the Chateau for almost hundred years (from 1844 to 1945). The Chateau has three wings and two floors. An accessory building, richly decorated and as tall as the Chateau is at each wing. After World War Two, the building was used as a youth home, a mining apprentice training school and later as a training center for students in the hospitality industry. The Chateau was sold in 2008 and the much needed extensive reconstruction work finally began.

3. The Rothschild family is a European family of German Jewish origin that established European banking and finance houses in the late 18th century. The earliest record of Rothschilds in Northern Moravia is from 1774 when Salomon Meyer Rothschild was born. Rothschild in Ostrava are linked to the construction of the railway from Vienna to Bochnia (Poland). Realizing profits, the Rothschilds purchased several estates in nearby Bohumín, Šilheřovice and Hlučín. Salomon Meyer became Ostrava’s most influential business man of the 19th century.  Salomon’s son Anselm inherited all his father’s assets and as a capable business himself, earned a position of dominance among Ostrava’s mine-owners. It was Anselm Rothschild himself who reconstructed the family Chateau in Silherovice. Anselm’s son Albert Nathanel Rothschild was appointed as the owner of all the family assets after his father’s death. Albert was a huge humanitarian and he generously donated to various humanitarian institutions. After his death in 1911, Dr. Alfons Rothchild stepped up as the family leader. His family resided in the Chateau and managed Silherovice until 1938 caring for the locals and generating plenty of job opportunities. The Rothschilds helped to establish the school, the church, the fire house and the retirement home called Anselm Institution. During World War II, the entire Northern Moravian region became a part of the German Reich and the Šilheřovice estate was transferred under sequestration. At that time, the Rothschild family left the town and the country.