Lamborghini Pasta Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Prague. Lamborghini’s location is very convenient as it is only 5 minutes walking distance from Old Town Square, 15 minutes walking distance from Charles Bridge and about 10 minutes walking distance from one of my favorite hotels in Prague, Modra Ruze. You would think that Lamborghini’s location will make it one of those typically overpriced Prague’s restaurants where you will not eat well unless you spend close to a $100 for a dinner for two. You will be surprised to hear the exact opposite!

This cozy, Italian style restaurant/cafe is hidden which makes it more of a local hang out rather than a tourist spot. And that’s what makes Lamborghini so wonderful! The prices are not jacked up to scam tourists. An average price for a pasta dish is about 180CZE. You get exactly what you paid for and much more! The food is wonderful and the portions are just perfect. My favorite pasta dish is served with Neapol’s meat ragu.

Lamborghini’s pasta dish with meat ragu

Lamborghini’s selection of wine compliments the food items on the menu. An average price for wine is about 80CZE.

Tea lovers should try Lamborghini’s mate tea served with lemon and honey for just 65CZE. It is absolutely delicious, highly recommended and since it is caffeinated, it will give you that additional buzz to continue exploring Prague. One fun fact – mate tea contains about 90% more antioxidants than green tea.

And if you cannot find anything on the menu that would satisfy you, you can always refer to the daily specials handwritten on the chalk board.

For those who have a sweet tooth, Lamborghini has a display of fresh deserts. The selection changes every day as the deserts are delivered fresh every morning. One desert, that is out of this world is Czech vetrnik (I tried to translate ”vetrnik” into English, but calling a desert a “wind” or “windy” doesn’t sound too appetizing). Vetrnik is not always available, but when it is, oh my! You must try it! It is pretty big and can be shared, it has a caramel glaze and cream filling with zero calories.

Czech vetrnik

Lamborghini’s atmosphere is casual and quite laid back. The restaurant has a smoking and a non-smoking section, which is a huge plus! You may not be aware, but Prague still allows smoking in restaurants which can completely ruin your meal if you are    a non-smoker. Another great benefit is a children’s corner filled with toys for your children to play with during dinner. It keeps them occupied and gives you the “luxury” of actually eating dinner. The last interesting fun fact about Lamborghini is that the restaurant is visited by Czech artists, actors and other celebrities. During my recent trip to Prague, one night we sat right next to a famous Czech actress, Ivana Chylkova and the following night we sat across from a bunch of models enjoying their night out. It was pretty cool!

Czech out Lamborghini Pasta Cafe when you are in Prague! Your taste buds and your wallet will be very appreciative!