If you will be traveling on a road trip with a baby, especially a newborn, much more planning is needed than even with older babies and toddlers. You should also plan for a much longer travel time. Here are key tips for a road trip with a baby:

Make plans to stop, and stop often. Also, don’t shortchange things when you do stop in a rush to get back on the road, or you’ll get burned by needing to stop again within the hour. Get a lot of bang for the buck, and allow a good 20 minutes at each stop to change diapers, feed, cuddle, stretch, and generally do anything you might conceivably need to do at a stop.

Be ready for anything. On the road, babies have a way of doing the unexpected. You could have a blow-out in the car seat, or a spit-up incident during a diaper change. Be ready with first-aid kits, extra cloths to cover wiped-down but still wet spots, trash bags, spare clothes and any sort of cleaning supply you might need on the go.
Drive around naptimes. Babies love to sleep in the car. For parents, this is an advantage in the road trip realm as long as you plan properly. Leave before dawn or right before naptimes to get the maximum benefits.